Art is beautiful. Art is visionory. Art is intelligent. Art is stimulating. 
Art is meditation. Art is revolutionory. Art brings forth identity. 
Art is affordable. 

With our faithful reproductions you can have beautiful historical and contemporary works of art in your home and working environment. Edition 5 provides first-rate reproductions of works by artists of world renown, both classics and newcomers who have drawn attention in first public exhibitions. In our programming we are flexible and quick to take up contemporary currents in art.

The greater part of the Edition 5 range is compiled in collaboration with international and national museums and galleries.

We keep a constant eye on the quality of reproduction, care and attention going both into technique and truth to the artist. All the publications on our list are produced in Germany.

This cotalogue presents the artists in alphabetical order in each product category and each category has its own symbol. Thus you will be able to tell at a glance whether a specific motif is also available in another product line. The joy we gain from working with art is something we would like to pass on to those who buy our reproductions.